Allergy friendly frozen foods!

If you remove dyes, artificials, and preservatives from your ADHD child's diet and they improve so much that they are no longer classified as ADHD, did they ever really have it in the first place?

This question is the crux of our story. In June of 2012 our son was diagnosed with ADHD. In the span of the 3 weeks it took to get this diagnosis we researched and instituted some pretty drastic dietary changes. We noticed huge improvements and asked that a referral to a psychologist be put off for a few months.

First we took out all dyes and artificial flavors. Then we found the Feingold Program and removed some preservatives and salicylates. The improvement has been nothing short of a miracle!

We have cooked this way ever since and while it isn't always easy, it IS always worth it.

I learned to make things from scratch when I couldn't find a "clean" alternative and quickly realized that cooking in bulk and freezing meals made my life a lot simpler.

Along this journey I have met many people working to clean up their diet for a variety of reasons. So in February of 2016 I started this freezer meal business with a wish to help make those dietary changes easier.

What I've discovered since then, is that even people without food issues need help getting fast, delicious, and CLEAN food for themselves and their families. My hope is that these meals make it easier to maintain and busy and active lifestyle while eating healthy at the same time!


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